Why is a church plant needed in wilmington, DE?

Wilmington is in desperate need of more gospel communities to be planted there in order to transform the city (2 Corinthians 3:18).  Wilmington was dubbed as “Murdertown USA” by Newsweek.  The inner city structure of Wilmington has been declining for several decades.  Although Wilmington has a great church history, with one of the oldest churches in America being there, Wilmington is in great need of the gospel of Jesus Christ to transform its deteriorating conditions.  Although Wilmington has rich economic value, being known as the “corporate capital of America”, it’s inner city residents are plagued by immense debilitating poverty.   My family and I desire to plant a church to the glory of God in this challenging city.  Church planting is a strong evangelistic tool (Acts 2:41-47).  We envision People Restored to Grace, Communities Renewed with Love and a City Revived with Hope (Titus 2:11).

Where is the church going to be located?

We have identified the West Center City section of Wilmington as our target area. West Center City was ranked as the second worst neighborhood in America in 2015. West Center City has been riddled with gun violence over the past decade. West Center City has been the hub of violent crime in the city of Wilmington for the past three years. It is located to the west of the bustling Center City section of Wilmington, which is on the rise with new businesses, restaurants and the arts.

West Center City is a neighborhood of 4,234 people comprised of 62% African- Americans, 14.9% White- Americans and 13% Hispanic- Americans. Of African-American families in this neighborhood, 88.3% of them live below the poverty line. We believe that the West Center City section is prime for the gospel of Jesus Christ to infiltrate hearts. When you see a people who are depressed, disillusioned and disregarded, you will see people who have fertile hearts for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We plan to target this neighborhood with the hope of seeing Jesus being formed in the lives of men, women and children.

Who is welcomed to be apart of this faith community?

This church community is open to everyone.  At some point in our lives, all of us were far from God. Yet, Christ came to seek and save each of us, even when we were far from Him.  When we embrace this radical invitation from Him, we find the place we truly belong. Therefore, we hope this community is welcoming to folks who don’t yet know this truth, are just starting to realize it, and those who have been following Jesus for some time. 

We desire innovative worship, transparency, vulnerability and authenticity in our alien lifestyles. We aspire to what the Bible calls us to as we try and redeem flawed community; things such as love, unity, truth, grace, compassion and forgiveness.

We welcome you to come and see how we try to live out our faith in Jesus.

When will the church be launched?

We will begin regular core group meetings at the top of 2017.  We will be having multiple vision nights to inform our neighbors and partners about our plans for a new faith community in the city.  We plan to be launched at the top of 2018.  You can interact with our timeline here: 

To which denomination or network does epiphany belong?

We belong to the Epiphany Network of Churches under the directional leadership of Dr. Eric Mason.  As a result we are direct church plant of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Camden, NJ under the visionary leadership of Pastor Doug Logan.  We are also apart of the Acts 29 Network and SENT Network.

how can i partner in this work?

You can partner with us in three ways:


Pray for the hearts of the people of Wilmington that they would believe the gospel.
Pray against the violence in the city.
Pray for discernment.
Pray we would receive the financial support we need.


Please consider how you might be able to assist the church plant through your profession and skilled hobby. We need lawyers, administrators, contractors, and graphic & Web designers, etc.


We are seeking to raise our three year budget. Please give financially towards our work in Wilmington.

Presently we are receiving financial gifts through Epiphany Fellowship of Camden. This will provide both financial accountability and a tax-deductible status. You can give online, by phone, and by mail.

Ultimately, we believe that we are accountable to our Chief Shepherd and the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ

Additionally, as part of the Epiphany Network of Churches, we are represented by and held accountable to the elders of the Epiphany Church (Philadelphia, Pa), and Epiphany Fellowship Church of Camden (Camden, NJ).

Further, we will have accountability through various networks, Acts 29 Network (Flower Mound, TX), SENT network (Annapolis, MD).

To whom is the leadership of epiphany church accountable?


If you have any questions, please email Pastor R. Derrick Parks.  If you have financial questions, you can email our Financial Administrator, Joshua Seaborn.

Who do i contact if i have more questions?