Epiphany Church of Wilmington


We are church plant to the city of Wilmington, DE.  We desire to see the city of Wilmington be transformed to the glory of Jesus Christ. 

We believe the Word of God to be our foundation for our lives. The Bible informs our conduct, conscious and conversation. In that, we seek to teach the scriptures at the earliest stages of the church, in core group meetings, vision nights and leadership gatherings in order that everything we do is built upon the Word of God. We pray that every aspect of life would be influenced by and subject to the Scriptures. This implies that our gatherings, community life groups and outreach events will b fortified by the Word of God. We are all worshippers of something.  Some of us worship cash, cars and clothes. While others of us worship ourselves.

At Epiphany Church of Wilmington we desire to be a church that calls people from worshipping themselves to worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ. This is for the believer and the unbeliever. We will have a firm commitment to bearing our lives before one another and before God in the confines of Christian community. We will teach worship as a lifestyle of responding to God's holiness and committing to help others do the same.  At Epiphany Church of Wilmington we desire to put in work in the city, on the block. This means that we will be active in our community. We are not content with only Sunday morning gathering. We desire to be a church that gathers and scatters into the city on mission. Being on the block means to have a real community presence in our core neighborhoods. This means regular gathering on the block, building relationships, cookouts in the park and serving the community. 

As a church, we understand that we are not able to do everything to serve the people in our community and city. It is for this reason that we seek to develop partnerships with community agencies in the city that benefit the poor and marginalized. It is through these partnerships that we will seek to develop and maintain a good reputation for the sake of the gospel. These partnerships will also assist in mercy ministries. Our first line of partnerships will be with other churches in the Wilmington area. We will seek to be woven together for the good of Wilmington.



We are a distinctive collection of individuals who care much for the city of Wilmington. Click below to learn more about who we are as a church.

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We have a distinct set of goals to help us in caring for the city of Wilmington. Click below to learn more about how you could help us obtain those goals.

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