Murdertown USA

Wilmington is on the decline because of violent crime and murder.  Just recently, a fifteen-year-old girl was tragically beaten to death in the bathroom of her school by several of her classmates.  In 2015, Wilmington saw over 140 shooting known shootings in the city; fourteen of those shooting being the shooting of children under the age of 18.  Wilmington was dubbed as “Murdertown USA” by Newsweek in 2014.  Wilmington has a violent crime rate four times higher than the national average.  Nearly 30% of families in Wilmington, DE live below the poverty line. The CDC declared the gun violence in Wilmington to be a public health issue after their 2014 study. We know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only answer for the ailments that Wilmington faces. Therefore, by planting a church we will have direct avenues to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with non-believer and haters of God.

We have identified the West Center City section of Wilmington as our target area. West Center City was ranked as the second worst neighborhood in America in 2015. West Center City has been riddled with gun violence over the past decade. West Center City has been the hub of violent crime in the city of Wilmington for the past three years. It is located to the west of the bustling Center City section of Wilmington, which is on the rise with new businesses, restaurants and the arts.

West Center City is a neighborhood of 4,234 people comprised of 62% African- Americans, 14.9% White- Americans and 13% Hispanic- Americans. Of African-American families in this neighborhood, 88.3% of them live below the poverty line. We believe that the West Center City section is prime for the gospel of Jesus Christ to infiltrate hearts. When you see a people who are depressed, disillusioned and disregarded, you will see people who have fertile hearts for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We plan to target this neighborhood with the hope of seeing Jesus being formed in the lives of men, women and children.